Asquith Public School

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About our school

Asquith Public School is committed to providing a caring, supportive learning environment in which students will be guided to reach their potential as individuals, capable of accepting and exercising responsibility in the wider context of our society. This positive environment forms the basis of the school culture and has been identified as one of the major factors relating to the success and happiness of students at Asquith Public School. The school's motto, 'Learning Together', represents the partnership the school enjoys with its community in achieving excellence in educational outcomes for students. The dedication and support of staff are highly valued aspects of our school. The extensive support and involvement of our community is evident throughout the school. This partnership enhances the culture of the school and allows all members of the school community to grow and develop. The construction of new school facilities, including new classrooms and library and the airconditioning of additional classrooms, has added to the positive learning environment that exists for the students at Asquith Public School.

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