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2021 Notes 

To assist all parents with accessing notes and forms, we have placed them all on this page. 

Notes are also distributed through our schools Sentral Parent Portal. 

Student absence note (PDF 258KB) Please fill out this form and return it to your child's teacher when your child is absent from school. Please apply for special permission for leave that is five days or more. 

Hornsby zone codes of behaviour (PDF 175KB)- Codes of behaviour provide a supportive framework which promote fair play and appropriate behaviour in school sport. These codes apply to players, teachers, coaches, principals, parents, officials and spectators who together provide the environment in which school sport is played. View the PDF for more information. 

Online payment instructions (PDF 816KB) - This note explains how to use our online portal for paying invoices and voluntary contributions

Instructions for parents for Scholastic bookclub online payments (PDF 283KB)- This PDF contains a step-by-step process for making online Bookclub orders via the Scholastic website.  

Scholastic book club bonuses (PDF 121KB)- Information about earning bonus books when placing online orders via the Scholastic website. 

2021 Term 1 Canteen Menu

Permission To Publish on School Facebook

2021 Year 6 Graduation Jackets

2021 Selective High School Intention

Band Enrolment Note for 2021

Year 6 Specific Permission to Public -additional to existing permissions. 

Intention to Apply for Year 5 Entry to an Opportunity Class 2022

Applying for Year 5 Entry to An Opportunity Class in 2022

Volunteering Forms

Appendix 5 (Declaration for Volunteers and Non-Child Related Contractors)

Appendix 6 (Proof of Identity) (PDF158KB)