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Learning support

We monitor each student's progress and provide additional learning support if this is required.

Our school uses learning programs and specialised staff where needed and we work in partnership with parents and carers to assist students who have special learning needs. Our school is committed to working with Aboriginal parents and community members in developing personalised plans for our Aboriginal students.

Web links for kids 

While teachers review these websites for suitability from time to time, the content on these pages may change. Please let your child's teacher know if you find any inappropriate content. 

Scratch - coding website

With Scratch, you can program your own interactive stories, games, and animations, and share your creations with others in the online community. Scratch helps young people learn to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively- essential skills for life in the 21st century. Students can explore the site and practise coding but if they want to save any of their creations, they need to sign up for an account (free). Students should create a screen name - it should not be their own name.

Dance mat typing

This is a free, child friendly typing course for all ages. Ensure that your child uses the correct fingers when making their key strokes. Younger children may need to begin their typing using just the index fingers. However, ensure that the left and right hands stick to their sides of the keyboard.

Tux typing

Tux Typing is a delightful typing tutorial game for kids that is free. It is available for both PC and Mac computers.  It is tempting for children to use one or two fingers when attempting the easy levels; however, through patience and persistence, using all fingers appropriately, a high level of touch typing speed can be achieved. This typing program will be a challenge for even the more accomplished touch typists.       

TIPP10 typing   

TIPP10 is a free 10-finger touch typing tutor. You can use TIPP10 directly in your browser or you can download the software version for Windows, Mac OS and Linux. TIPP10 is easy to use and features a clear user interface. Beginners and even children will find their way around right away so they can start practising without a hitch. You will be able to learn touch typing quickly and efficiently with the program's intelligent practice lessons, useful support functions and an extensive progress tracker. You can also play a typing game and expand the program with open lessons or make your own to meet your specific needs. 

NB The link will take you directly to the homepage. Younger children will need assistance with registration etc if you used online.

Cool maths games

Packed with mathematical games and puzzles. For all ages. Be aware that some advertising of products does appear on this website.


 This is a fun literacy website aimed at the younger children (preschool/kindy). However, children who are of non English speaking backgrounds will find this useful in their efforts to develop English speaking and writing skills.

 Tux paint

This is a free paint program that can be installed on both Windows and Apple Computers. This is a very popular program with the younger children. It offers endless opportunities to create wonderful artistic designs. Be sure to download the optional stamp resources, too, as they are free for downloading.

Making sentences

A kindy activity that allows children to move words into  sequential order to form sentences. A voice over reads back the words and, if correct, the finished sentence. 

 ABC splash

 This is a good site for all ages. Lots of interactive activities.

21st century online readers

 A good site for the younger readers in the family. Many of the texts have a read-a-long voice over. Some ebooks allow the reader to click on words to activate an audio reading response.

Pivot stick figure animation

 This is a fun, simple, yet creative program for children aged five years plus. If you go to the website you can download the program onto your computer. It is free and (as of writing) free of pop-up ads.

Storybook creator

This is a fun site for the younger children, from the PBS Kids people. (K-3). Familiar tales are on offer.(e.g. The Three Pigs). Each story has audio to read out the sentences. Children are able to change the traditional story by replacing text with other choices. This results in some humorously customised stories. Children have the option of printing the final product and/or emailing the final version to others. There are also other activities that will entertain the children. Keep in mind that this is an American website and therefore American word spellings apply and, of course, the audio pronunciation and accents will be American.

Oxford owl

Oxford Owl is an award-winning free website with 250 FREE tablet-friendly eBooks and activities to help you support children's learning. You will need to register to access the free ebooks and other materials. This site caters for ages 3 - 11 years.

Sphinx kids music

 A fun site for children who are interested in music. Activities explore musical instruments (mainly orchestral). Games and interactive videos allow children to explore how instruments sound and look. Ages: 5 and up.


Turtle diary

A fun and educational site. Caters for pre-schoolers to upper primary. This is an American site and therefore, American pronunciation and terminology will be somewhat different. Covers a range of  subject areas. Be aware that this site does host ads, but as of writing, these were certainly not inappropriate. Parental guidance, as with all internet activities, needs to be provided.


Studyladder is a great Australian website to practise mathematics and literacy skills. It is suitable for students K-6. See your child's teacher for log in details.